Our pricing system is very simple and straightforward for everyone.


Our pricing system bases the area needs to be transplanted.  According to hair loss type and potential of donor areas to give grafts safely, we always transfer maximum number of grafts to get the best possible result.


The pricing system is:

Type 1 -7 hair loss:  Generally 2000-5500 grafts on average, this is for unlimited number of grafts using safe potential of donor areas  – the price is 2100 euros.  (max safe capacity of donors depends donor density)


The price is an all inclusive package and paid only by cash. It includes all post-operative medications, care products, all transfers from and to the airport and transfers between the hotel and the clinic, and up to 3 nights of hotel stay in one of our affiliated hotels near our clinic. We will arrange transfers and hotel accommodation. Our driver will pick you up from the airport, he speaks fluent English and German. The only thing this price doesn’t include is your flight fee.





Extra Information

Please see to understand the types of hair loss in men:    http://www.maralhairklinik.com/hair-loss-in-men

The grafts are arranged in a system, you can easily count the grafts and we provide picture of the graft layouts after the operation. See the picture, each surgical gauze always contains at least 250 grafts and each cup with 4 gauzes contains 1000 grafts, maximum graft numbers depend on the donor areas safe capacity/potential.


We always do the procedure in one day, average operating time is 8 hours (range 6-9 hours) and so comfortable and safe for you. You will be totally healed and whole the next day.


Read more about the 3 day treatment schedule which is preferred by almost all of our patients.


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