Hair Loss in Women

The causes of hair loss in women are much more complex than the classic “male pattern baldness”. Thus, proper diagnosis of the underlying cause is vital before any hair loss treatments are attempted. The causes of hair loss in females are mainly due to hormonal and psychosocial stresses as well as to many reasons besides genetics. Hair loss may be diffuse and there may not be a reliable donor site. It is also necessary to have a pre-operative shaving of the entire head in the FUE technique.  Although hair loss in women can be a common problem, the number of patients with satisfactory results is limited, and hair transplant can only be applied to female patients in very suitable conditions for the operation.

Because of all these reasons and the lack of certainty about the reliability and permanence of the results of hair transplantation, Maral Clinic is only performing hair transplantation in male patients and the clinic is designed accordingly. Therefore, we sincerely apologize to women patients suffering from hair loss and expect their understanding.