Preoperative consultation with the hair tranplant surgeon is very important for accurate surgical planning of MikroFUE hair transplantation.

Before the MikroFUE Hair Transplantation

Before the micro FUE hair restoration intervention, Dr. Maral will discuss withyou your medical history and expectations.sacekim

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Beginning and duration of hair loss.
  • Any changes in hair loss during the last few months, year(s).
  • Prior medical or surgical treatments for hair loss and any experience with prosthetic hair.
  • Any known problems/complications which have arisen due to hair loss, if available.
  • Medical history and known allergies. List of medications, vitamins, herbal products which you are currently taking.
  • Requests and expectations regarding  the intervention.


During the examination, Dr. Maral will determine:Saç ekimi

  • The form and percentage of hair loss.
  • The type of hair loss (thinning, partial or complete loss).
  • The thickness of the hair; the shape of the hair (wavy, straight or curly).
  • The density of the donor area (rear of head and above the ears).
  • The type and results of previous hair transplants, if available.

Dr. Maral will plan your hair transplant intervention after this consultation and discussion.


Prior to the MikroFUE hair transplantation, we strongly recommend that the guidelines below be followed:

1- 1 week before the MikroFUE hair transplant intervention, please do not take any medications which might increase bleeding (such as aspirin, tea from plants, and pain tablets for rheumatism).
2- Smokers, please do not smoke on the day of the intervention.
3- On the evening before the intervention, you may wash your hair with a neutral shampoo, such as baby shampoo or Sebamed daily shampoo.
4- On the day of your hair transplant intervention, have a light breakfast or a light meal.
5- Please do not have your hair cut before the intervention. Our surgical team will include a haircut in your personal treatment plan.
6- During the intervention, you will wear your own clothes. We recommend that you wear comfortable leisure clothes.  For example, fitness wear or a track suit.
7- Please note:  During the intervention, it will not be necessary to conduct any special examinations or blood tests, and therefore none will be done.


    • Tim

      Hi, i am very interested in getting a hair plant done by one of your physician and a desire location. I live in the the Untied States. I had a hair plant done in 2007 and i am wanting to add thickness and restore my hairline. I am wanting 2000 grafts. I would like to see a before and after photos of some of your clients. I am a 42 year old Afro-American male. Your pricing include travel and hotel accommodations. I can send you pictures of my hair upon request. Thank you, Tim

    • Waimingli

      Can you tell me the price 2000graft
      Do I must blood test and hiv test

    • Jack

      Hi whats the price for hair laser treatment?


    • ashraf

      Hi, i am very interested in getting a hair plant. i think i am in type 4 or . how much it will cost?

      • Maral Klinik

        Your question has been replied privately.


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