If you are an appropriate candidate for MicroFUE hair transplant, it is highly possible that your operation will be 100% successful, so you will be 100% satisfied with the result.

The results of MicroFUE hair transplant

In the first month after the operation, many of the hair follicles planted enter into a temporary hair loss and resting phase (telogen phase). Hair follicles fall off once temporarily.

Hair starts to grow again 3 months later. In the beginning, they can be thin and curly. However, they look more natural as they grow.

The final result is obtained after 9-12 months when all hair follicles grow enough to cover the whole recipient area.

The final goal is to cover the whole recipient area with the hair follicles taken from the donor area. MicroFUE is the only system that can fulfill this aim in our day.


The success of hair transplant depends on these two criteria:

1- Natural Look (not any obvious sign of operation).
When MicroFUE is applied by experienced and talented professionals, it gives really good results in terms of the natural look with 100% customer satisfaction.
2- Density (covering the whole recipient area).
The density of the hair depends on the amount of hair taken from the donor area.


Besides the number of the grafts, density also depends on:

1- Diminishing or total hair loss: If there is some original hair in the recipient area, density can increase with one session only.
2- The thickness of the hair follicles: Thicker hair follicles mean more density.
3- Hair color: Dark colors provide a better coverage than light colors.
4- Skin color: If the hair color and skin color are similar to each other, it looks denser.
5- Hair type: Curly and wavy hair types look denser than straight hair.
6- Hair length: Longer hair provides a denser look and coverage.


An ideal person for the perfect result in hair transplant:

  • The ones with the 3, 4, 5 type hair loss,
  • The ones with dark and thick hair follicles,
  • The ones that keep their hair longer.

These people have almost 100% satisfaction with the result.

For all hair loss types, MicroFUE has 90% customer satisfaction in terms of density gained in only one session.
For the ones with suffering from severe hair loss, customer satisfaction can reach to 100% if  2-3 more sessions are applied after the first one to increase the density.


    • Gordan

      Hello, is there a possibility to see a before/after HT results? Thanks

    • Alex Branitsky


      Is the 2100 euros for hotel and unlimited transplant? I shave my head fully now. If I decided to come for a transplant would i have to grow my hair a bit for you to see where to transplant the new hair or can i come bald as is?


      • Maral Klinik

        Your question has been replied privately.


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