The key to success and natural look in MicroFUE hair transplant technique is planning properly.

Planning MicroFUE hair transplant operation

Doctor’s experience and aesthetical point of view are important for a proper planning and designing. Cosmetic surgeon plans the details of the process such as the optimal number of grafts to be taken and planted.


Important points in planning:

  • Calculating the optimum number of grafts in a single operation according to patients’ needs.
  • Planning the donor area.
  • Designing and drawing a natural and aesthetically looking  front hairline
  • Planting micro grafts proportionally according to features of recipient area.


Planning the optimum number for micro-grafts depends on:

  • The size of the donor area,
  • The density of the hair in donor area,
  • The size of the recipient area,
  • Diminishing or total hair loss in the recipient area.

An adult male has approximately (between 80.000 and 120.000) hair follicles. The total area with hair is 500 square cm on the average and there are 200 hair follicles in 1 square cm approximately.

If the hair follicles are long thick, a human eye can perceive 30% hair density as 100% density. So this means that in order to have a natural looking result, 60-80 hair follicles are enough for 1 square cm.

Micro-grafts include 2.5g. hair follicles on the average. For an area with total hair loss, 25-30 micro-grafts are enough for desired density for 1 square cm.

Even in severe hair loss situations like type 6 and 7, approximately 6000 micrografts can be taken from donor areas  in 2-3 sessions.

Designing and planning the front hair line: 
Designing front hairline aesthetically and planting the follicles densely in that area are one of the most important factors to have a natural look.



A design of the front hairline.


The photos of the patient taken before the hair loss can be helpful about this issue. In the complete hair loss cases, these points are taken into consideration while redesigning the front hair line:

  • There are differences between the skin where hair grows and the forehead skin in terms of color and thickness.
  • While forehead skin moves as eyebrows move, the front part of the hairy area does not move.
  • The middle point of the front hair line is generally 8 cm. above the upper limit of the eyebrows.
  • Front hairline can be designed as triangle, oval or straight according to patients’ request and assessment of the cosmetic surgeon.



Front hairline can be designed as triangle, oval or straight according to patients’ request.


For the severe cases, like type 6 and 7, in which donor area is limited, recipient area can be reduced in order to have more dense and natural look. So front hairline can be drawn a bit higher than the normal line.

Front hairline should never be designed below in an unnatural way.

For a natural look, front hair line is filled with micro-grafts including single hair follicles densely.

With microFUE  technique, micro-grafts including single hair follicles can be obtained as much as needed.


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      how much is for 3500 grafts in uk pound

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      I’ll probably need 3000 grafts! Since want more of a triangle hairline opposed to round! I’d be coming from the USA. How much we talking price for the procedure? No flap procedure.


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