Why hair transplantation?

To have hair is advantageous, because;

Hair creates  a youthful and attractive appearance.Saç ekimi

Hair is a distinctive feature that distinguishes us from others.

Hair is a source of pride.

Hair increases our self-esteem.

Hair offers some protection from the cold and heat, including ultraviolet rays.

Today men as well as women place a premium on hair fashion to enhance their appearance and to make a personal statement.



Hair transplantation returns your own hair back to you.

Transplanted hairs are permanent and life-long.

You can comb, allow it to grow to whatever length you wish or cut your new hair (it will grow back).

If you wish, you can dye your hair and style it according to the latest salon fashion.

You can feel it when you touch it and are being touched.

Your hair is so natural that only you (and us) will know that you had a hair transplantation.



You will have a more dynamic and youthful appearance.

You will feel confident in all your physical activities.sacekim

You will lead a more active and energetic social and business life.

You will no longer suffer from  the embarrassment due to hair loss and accompanying psychological complexes.

You will feel better about yourself.



    • venus

      please get back to me and let me know if doctor Maral can do hair transplant for eyebrows and eyelashes
      thank you

    • Erkan Demir

      Avustralyada yasiyorum ve saç ekdirmeyi dusunuyorum Yanliz donor saclarim seyrek. bu durumda vucutdan sac alma mumkunu varmidir ?
      37 yasindayim ve 10 sene once sac ekdirmisdim.




      I need hair transplant but I don’t have enough money. please help me out and God will bless you


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