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Maral Hair Klinik

Hair transplantation history at Maral Hair Klinik

  • Dr. Maral began hair transplant operations with his team using the FUT (strip) technique in 2004. Between 2008 and 2010, Maral Klinik hair transplantation team adopted the FUE techniques and used combined FUT and the manual FUE technique.
  • After 2010, Dr. Maral and his transplant team abandoned for good using the FUT technique and manual FUE technique, and adopted the micromotor-assisted FUE technique.
  • Micromotor-assisted FUE is still the gold standard of hair transplantation to this day. Some of the most recent innovations and modifications to the main technique, which have proven their efficiency and reliability were adopted by Maral Klinik’s team recently. They are Sapphire-tip FUE, DHI-FUE and use of beard grafts if needed.
  • At Maral Hair Klinik, your online consultations, medical and surgical plannings are done by Dr. Maral himself and your hair transplant surgery is performed by his expert and very experienced team under his full time supervision.
  • You can absolutely put your trust in the experience and expertise of Dr. Maral and his team for your hair restoration.