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Our New Website is Ready

Hello again and greetings to hair loss sufferers and all of our previous patients;

* Our first website which was mostly devoted to the FUT technique was active from 2002 to 2008.

* Our second website was devoted to the FUT plus the manual FUE technique, was active between 2008-2012.

* Our third (current) website which has been devoted solely to the Micromotor-assisted FUE technique since 2012.

* Our new website (version IV) which we are currently gearing up for has a lot of new exciting materials that we have recently adopted in our technique and mastered.

Micromotor-assisted FUE is still the gold standard today, the new innovations and modifications to the main technique that have proved their efficiency and value, and which we already mastered are;

* Needle-free, painless local anaesthesia at the beginning of the FUE transplant.

* Sapphire-tip channel opening for a denser tranplant over the front areas and to achieve a smoother and softer hairline.

* Use of beard grafts in advanced forms of hair loss.

* Beard transplantation for carefully selected patients if there is a real indication.

* DHI technique is still under our investigation, we use it only for selected patients of grade 1 to 4 hair losses and who are ready to pay the extra cost. In any case, our preliminary finding tells us that the Sapphire FUE provides the same results as the DHI technique.

All the innovations mentioned above do not add any extra cost to our FUE transplant package.

 ***  You can also see many before and after pictures of our patients of every hair loss grade on our new instagram page. The page will get updates, if you become a follower, our updates will reach you constantly: