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Grade 1 – 2 Hair Loss


  • Grade 1 is a very indistinct form of hair loss. Slight hairline receding at the sides may be natural and familiar. Every young patient with a grade 1 hair loss is not a candidate for hair transplantation. A hair transplant should only be performed in carefully selected candidates.
  • Grade 2 is a very favorable form of hair loss for hair transplantation, because this is very mild degree hair loss over the front parts while the donor areas remain perfectly normal.
  • The area exhibiting hair loss generally requires about 1500 – 3000+ grafts for a Grade 2, depending on the hairline design and the size of the transplant area. We always design the hairline before the surgery during our preoperative consultation according to the patient’s wishes and our professional judgment.
  • We use routinely the Sapphire-tip FUE technique to open the channels and attain a denser graft implantation possibly 60-70 FUs per cm2 of the recipient area. Furthermore, we implant only single-hair FUs over the first 1-2 rows of the hairline to provide a natural and soft one.

Caution: Risk of Low Hairline in Young Patients:

  • A progressive hair loss over the entire top of the head including the vertex region may be expected in 50% of the patients who have undergone a hair transplant at a younger age for grade 2-3 hair losses. Proper positioning of the hairline over the frontal plane is of immense importance. Overly agressive low positioning in order to achieve a youthful hairline risks exceeding the available quantity of donor hair needed for an another hair transplant that the progressive hair loss will later require.
  • The normal recession of the hairline with the aging and the expected future NW pattern must be taken into consideration when designing the new hairline.