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Grade 7 – 8 Hair Loss


  • Grade 7 and Grade 8 (grade 8: thin or atrofied donors with advanced age or if donors give less than 4000 grafts in the first session) are severe forms of hair loss. Anyway, these are still suitable forms of hair loss for hair transplantation.
  • Improvement in the appearance of the baldness with a reasonable or good density over the front-middle parts and partial or good coverage over the vertex area are generally possible with one or two hair transplant operations. The second FUE is optional and can be done any time 10 months after the first FUE. Sometimes a third FUE is recommended; if donors are still available for a final touch-up to some particular areas; ie to lower the hairline, to cover the very back part of the bald area, or to increase the overall hair density.
  • A head full of hair may be possible or not at the end; at any rate, a great improvement to cover your baldness and to improve your facial appearance are always possible.  We recommend FUE transplantation to hair loss sufferers of Grade 7-8 with realistic expectations. The only exception is the patients with very limited or almost no donors.
  • The hair loss area of Grade 7-8 generally requires about 6000 – 7000+ grafts, depending on the hairline design and the size of the transplant area. At any rate, a total of 4000-5000 grafts may be enough to cover the front, middle parts and the vertex with a reasonable hair density.
  • We design the hairline before the surgery during our preoperative consultation according to the patient’s wishes and our professional judgment. We always transplant a maximum and unlimited number of grafts to get the best possible coverage and density. The maximum number of the grafts depends entirely on the safe grafts capacity of the donor area; and it is determined by the size and the hair density of the donor area.
  • Additionally, we use beard grafts in selected patients if the beard is strong and thick and of course if the patient agrees for it. Other body hairs are thin, do not grow like scalp hair, and have very quick physiological turnover rates; therefore, they are mostly useless. There is no extra fee in case we use  beard grafts during your FUE operation.
  • A note:  Performing the FUE transplant in 2-3 consequtive days is not considered 2 or 3 FUE sessions consequently.  It is stil one FUE session which is done in 2-3 days and achieves the same number of grafts as it is done in a day. The maximum and unlimited number of grafts is only related with the safe grafts capacity of your donor area; it is not related with the operative time or the money you pay. Dr. Maral and the clinics who have mastered the art of FUE-megasession perform it in a single day to guarantee the safety of the operation and provide comfort to the patient.