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Both of our packages provide all the same quality and result through a high standard FUE hair transplant with no hidden costs. Many of the latest innovations are included even in our basic package, and surely in our complete package without any extra fee.

The only difference between both packages is the optionality to get the hotel accomodation and airport transfers or not. If you come here only for undergoing a hair transplant and you have limited time, we recommend the complete package including the airport transfers and hotel accomodation. On the other hand, if you have already some place to stay or if you wish to arrange your own accomodation yourself, then you can choose the basic FUE package.

Additionally, if you wish to stay longer; you can still choose the complete package, get your hair transplant done, then you can stay longer in our contracted hotel or change your hotel to stay around the touristic areas of the city.

Plazma theraphia during your surgery is optional. It is just an extra treatment to accelerate the healing and recovery time and also to boost the hair growth during the first 3 months following the surgery. That is why – whether to get it or not – we leave it up to the patient.

DHI (direct hair implantation) is also optional, because Sapphire-FUE provides the same dense implantation and is included in our packages without any extra cost. We also leave the DHI-FUE choice up to our patient.