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What is a Hair Transplant?

  • A hair transplant is a redistrubution of the healthy hair-producing follicles. Donor hair is harvested from the reliable donor areas at the back and sides of the head and transplanted into hair loss areas.
  • Hair transplant, hair transplantation, hair restoration, hair grafting are all synonyms and mean the same operation.

  • A hair transplant is an autografting procedure. It is only possible with your own hair.
  • This means that hair can be harvested and transplanted in a different location only in one and the same person. Your body would reject any hair from another person.

A hair transplant is done in the following steps:

  • Extraction of the follicular units (FUs) from the donor areas (back and sides of head, occasionally the beard).
  • Temporary storage and processing of the FUs in a cooling storage medium.
  • Opening incisions (holes) into the recipient, hair loss areas.
  • Placement of the FUs (grafts) into the preformed incisions in the recipient areas.


How Does a Hair Transplant Work? Donor Dominance:

  • The hair follicles of the reliable donor areas are not affected by genetic/androgenic hair losses.
  • They are resistant to the hair shedding effects of the dihidrotestosterone hormon and 5-alfa-reductase enzyme.
  • Healthy donor hairs retain their vital/original  characteristics in the transplanted area.
  • This characteristic is referred to as donor dominance and expains how do transplants work.

The idea of donor dominance is the most important constituent basis of hair transplantation. Transplanted hairs continue to grow throughout one’s life and exhibit healthy, long term growth.



DHT (DiHydro-Testosterone): Testosterone derivative which is responsible for men’s hair loss.