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Beard Grafts for Hair Transplantation

  • In the case of having a strong and thick beard, we can also use the beard grafts to increase the overall hair density for the hair transplant in the cases of advanced and severe hair loss. They have been proven to be reliable as a graft material.
  • In order to harvest the beard grafts, only the zone below the chin area and the upper neck -hidden area- is used as donor area. Beard grafts contain mostly single-hair FUs, but sometimes they may contain two-hair FUs.
  • Beard grafts should be transplanted among the scalp hair grafts over the recipient area and they should be used for density enhancement only; not to cover any particular area.
  • They are especially useful to increase the overall density over the middle parts of the scalp. Specific areas such as the front hairline and the vertex area should only receive scalp hair grafts.

Beard grafts removal as performed during a micromotor assisted FUE graft harvesting technique. In this patient’s case, his beard was moderately thick and its donor area was able to gave us 600 grafts.


The Use of Other Body Hair:

  • Other corporal hair (such as chest, abdomen or leg hair) does not match the real texture and growth rate of normal hair. Their growth and shedding cyle is considerably faster. They are not reliable and their use is very limited.


Beard Transplantation:

  • Beard transplantation is restoration of beard using the scalp hair grafts. Beard restoration should only be considered in order to cover traumatic or burn scar areas over facial/beard zones, solely and simply just for reconstructive purposes.
  • In the case of the cosmetic restoration of the beard, scalp hair may not be a good match for your face and there is always the risk to get the unnatural result of a thick beard from using thick donor scalp hair.
  • If you suffer from hair loss and at the same time requires beard restoration, the priority should go to the hair transplant. Especially when considering the fact that the hair loss may be progressive with aging, valuable and limited scalp donor hair should be preserved for a hair transplant; whereas, the beard transplant should only be considered for men with no hair loss (or in men with mild to moderate hair losses after the age of 35-40 yo.