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10+ Years Experience

With more than 10 years of experience, our team have used all the hair transplantation techniques in the industry.

Worldwide Service

Maral Klinik had 1000's of patients from more than 20 countries.

Ease of Mind

To make your life easier, we take care of everything ranging from accommodation to airport transfers.

Associate Professor

Dr. Tugrul Maral is an award winning physician with several essays and publications on the subject.

3 Day Treatment

Three day treatment schedule for our foreign patients That’s it.   Our agents regularly check flight information a

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Transparent Pricing

Fiyat sistemimiz oldukça basit ve hastaların faydası için hazırlanmıştır. Lütfen detaylar için iletişime geçiniz.

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Our Happy Patients

In the years that we have been operating, we have performed thousands of operations. We love seeing our patients sharing th

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We’re in the Press!

We have been featured in the press several times! We can’t list all of them due to the health regulations in Turkey but

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Do you live in United States? See our 3-Day-Treatment schedule designed for you!




  • What I would like to say is that my experience with doctor Maral is fabulous. His team are awesome and nice, very skilled and knows their job very well. The cooperation between them is highly efficient, and I can positively say that based on my job background experience.

    Martin MicroFUE Hair Transplant
  • I have only the best words for Dr. Maral and his entire team. I was a NW6+ and most doctors didn't even want to operate on me. Dr. Maral's clinic changed my life for the better and I will be forever grateful to them. I am going for a second procedure as soon as I find some time to travel.

    abcd0000 MicroFUE Hair Transplant
  • Go for it with Maral, I am sold and the work on my head is nothing less than a miracle... I was advised by many surgeons I was a lost cause after 3 FUT, and not enough grafts left for donor. This was completely wrong, I'm now in my second FUE and some 6300 grafts later (2 procedures) with still maybe 1000 grafts left for final touch ups, the results have been fantastic, I cannot recommend Maral high enough.

    britboy MicroFUE Hair Transplant
  • I have had 4 hts and the FUE that his head tech done is easily the best i have had done. Inexpensive quality work. I only wish i had gone there first and not last. It really did make the best of the work i already had done.

    johnboy71 MicroFUE Hair Transplant
  • Having had 3 previous HT procedures with 3 different Doctors I must say this has been the better experience with minimal discomfort before, during and after surgery. I can’t thank Dr. Maral and his team enough for their professionalism and utmost care.

    clipper MicroFUE Hair Transplant