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Hair Transplant Indications

Hair transplant is the only effective treatment method for male pattern, androgenic hair loss and balding.


Conditions where hair transplantation is the primary treatment method:

  • Partial (hair thinning) or complete (baldness) hair loss in men, -it is the primary indication of a hair transplant.
  • Traumatic or scarring alopecia, camouflaging scalp scars in both sexes.
  • Partial or complete eyebrow reconstruction.
  • Restoration of mustache and beard in men.

Good  candidates for hair transplantation: Grade 2 through grade 5.


Suitable candidates for hair transplantation: Grade 6 and grade 7 with available and dense donor hair.


Relative indications of hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation can be applied just in selected and appropriate candidates who understand the drawbacks and limits of a hair transplant and who have realistic expectations.

  • Men with the most severe grade 8 hair loss with thin, reduced or atrofied donors.
  • Young men under the age of 30 with a slightly receding hairline; grade 1 hair loss.
  • Androgenic alopecia in women;  transplant is possible but not a good solution for extensive thinning.

Relatively suitable candidates for hair transplantation: Grade 8 with thin and reduced donors.


Contraindications of hair transplantation:

 Hair transplant is not an option in disorders that involve hair loss. Primary treatment is directed to the underlying disease or cause. In addition, the use of artificial hair systems is an alternative.

  • Total alopecia;  the availability of healthy donors is crucial for a hair transplant.
  • Alopecia areata;  an immunological disease of the scalp with partial or extensive hair losses.
  • Some dermatologic diseases of the scalp.
  • Extensive hair loss due to chemotherapy.
  • Temporary hair loss due to some disorders (thyroid gland diseases, dietary, anemia, acute stress).

These men are not candidates for hair transplantation; enough donor hair is not available.


Artificial Hair Systems:

  • Men who can not undergo hair transplant may use artifial hair systems temporarily or permanently to camouflage their baldness.
  • Women who suffers from hair loss have also many options with the use of artificial hairs.