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Why FUE ?


The advantages of the micromotor-assisted FUE for hair loss sufferers:

  • A hair transplantation is a purely cosmetic intervention, therefore a minimally invasive surgical intervention should be performed for hair restoration.
  • FUE is currently the only atraumatic grafts extraction technique and thus the only minimally invasive technique of hair transplantation.
  • The FUE can be repeated at appropriate intervals (10-12 months) as may be necessary in patients with a progressive hair loss or an advanced one.
  • After undergoing a FUE hair transplant, you can wear your hair long or short without having to worry about revealing a linear scar over the donor areas as it happens after an FUT hair transplant.

Donor view with buzz haircut after a FUT (straight scar) and FUE (no visible scar) operation.


FUE Donor Scar:

  • The micromotor-assisted FUE technique offers patients the possibility of achieving undetectably natural results with the added advantages of minimal pain, a rapid recovery, and virtually no or minimal scarring – scar of donor area may as “tiny dots” may be visible if only the hair is completely shaved.

FUE scar (virtually no visible scar, or very tiny dots) with head shave one year after megasession FUE with 4750 grafts.


Megasession FUE:

  • The FUE technique also offers advantages to the physicians, such as planning more precisely the number of grafts required. Megasession FUE; a transplant of unlimited and maximal number of grafts  -ie: +4500 grafts-  in just one session is also only possible with the micromotor-assisted FUE.

Megasession FUE: 4700 grafts transplantation in one session with micromotor-assisted FUE.