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FUE Transplant


Our exclusive FUE operation also includes;

  • Maximum dense transplant -ie: 60-80 FUs per cm2- in patients with mild forms of hair loss.
  • Unlimited number of graft transplantation with megasession FUE (+4500 FUs) in patients with advanced forms of hair loss.
  • Use of beard grafts in patients with advanced or severe hair losses.
  • Pneumatic needle-free jet-gun injector for a pain-free and comfortable administration of local anaesthesia at the beginning of the FUE.
  • Cooling system for temporary graft storage which provides longer temporary graft storage time during surgery for better survival of the grafts.
  • Sapphire-tip channel opening over the front hairline to provide a soft and dense hairline.
  • Dense transplant with single-hair containing grafts over the forefront of the hairline.
  • All the medical equipments that are used during the surgery and that come in contact with the patien’s skin or blood (ie, graft removal needles, blades, sapphire-tips, etc.) are disposable and used only once. Other surgical instruments (Micromotor cables, microforceps, etc) are sterilized using operating room sterilization techniques and devices.