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Fue Transplant

Growth of Hair After FUE

  The first 3 months (shock loss, fall and resting phase, no growth): During the first month, virtually all the transplanted hairs, traumatized by their relocation, will, as expected, fal..


Postoperative Instructions for Our Patients

  Please follow our personal haircare instructions and regime to ensure a fast and smooth recovery. The first night after the procedure: You can expect to feel completely normal imme..


Our Current FUE Technique

Grafts or Follicular Units (FUs) are synonyms and refer to basic transplanted units of the hair follicles which produce hairs. Depending on the number of grafts to be transplanted, the FUE hair..


Planning the FUE Operation

  Preoperative Planning: The micromotor-assisted FUE hair transplantation begins with the treatment plan. Dr. Maral and his lead technician evaluate the pattern of the hair loss and also ..


Before the FUE Hair Transplant

Online Consultation: Regarding the online consultation along your pictures, please provide us your pictures. Good quality pictures showing all the parts of your head and at the same time with..


Why FUE ?

  The advantages of the micromotor-assisted FUE for hair loss sufferers: A hair transplantation is a purely cosmetic intervention, therefore a minimally invasive surgical intervention sho..