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Secondary or Repair FUE


  • Secondary or repair FUE refers to a new FUE operation after a FUT or FUE operation(s) which was/were done by another clinic before. The availability of a reasonable amount of donor hair is the primary requirement to perform a secondary or a repair FUE.
  • Secondary FUE:  If the previous hair transplant(s) has provided a good or acceptable result and the patient just needs a new FUE to cover the untouched  parts of the bald areas and/or to increase the hair density, then it is called a secondary FUE.
  • Repair FUE:  If the previous hair transplant(s) has provided a very insufficient result or if there has been some technical failures or mistakes  – ie:  to fix a very low or an unnatural hairline;  to lower or to modify the hairline;  to fix a very insufficient density or cover patchy bald areas over the previously operated recipient areas,  –  then it is called a repair FUE.
  • After a FUT operation, the donor area is reduced in size;  however, the FUT does not change the density over the remaining donor area. Therefore, one can expect a good number of grafts with the secondary FUE.  The patient may still have plenty of donors after previous FUT(s).
  • After a FUE operation, the donor area hair’s density is lowered considerably or slightly depending on the number of grafts harvested in the previous FUE operation(s).  A careful evaluation of the donor areas with a decently long (1-2 cm) donor hair and after a short haircut is mandatory to estimate the donor availability before a secondary or repair FUE after a previous one.
  • Furthermore, we use beard grafts in selected patients of advanced hair losses who require a secondaryor repair FUE, if the beard is strong and thick and if the patient agrees for it of course. Other body hairs are thin, do not grow like scalp hair, and have very quick physiological turnover rates; therefore, they are mostly useless. There is no extra fee in case we also use beard grafts during your secondary or repair FUE operation.