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DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) FUE

  DHI refers to a different implantation technique during the FUE transplantation. The grafts are extracted at first using the micromotor assisted punches just as it is done during a FUE ..


Plazma Therapia During the FUE Hair Transplant

The plazma injections into the areas where the hair has thinned over the scalp may stimulate the hair follicles and aid hair growth and its thickening. The plazma theraphia may also be applied ..


Beard Grafts for Hair Transplantation

In the case of having a strong and thick beard, we can also use the beard grafts to increase the overall hair density for the hair transplant in the cases of advanced and severe hair loss. They ha..


Sapphire-tip Microincisions

Sapphire FUE is a relatively new and innovative technique for the opening of the channels during a FUE hair transplant. The Sapphire tip blades which are made from a precious gemstone called sapph..


Needle-free Painless Local Anaesthesia with Dermojet

  The operation begins with the administration of local infiltration anaesthesia. We routinely use a specific device, jet-gun injector which is needleless; this is a pneumatic injector which..


FUE Transplant

  Our exclusive FUE operation also includes; Maximum dense transplant -ie: 60-80 FUs per cm2- in patients with mild forms of hair loss. Unlimited number of graft transplantation with m..