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Why Maral Hair Klinik ?

  • Maral Hair Klinik is Dr Maral’s – Associate Professor in Plastic Surgery- own private clinic which has helped 1000s of hair loss sufferers worldwide since 2004. For the seekers of an affordable hair transplant with excellent quality in Turkey, we are your number 1 choice.


The Reasons to Prefer Maral Hair Klinik

  • Dr. Maral himself; Dr. Maral, a plastic surgeon with a top notch academic education and career, provides medical, surgical, and legal safety as well as full care for all patients from all over the world.
  • Professional team; Every team member with a minimum experience of 8 years, is experted in different stages of the surgery, working together accordantly for years as a sign of consistency.

  • Current state of the art hair transplantation technique; Micromotor-assisted FUE (microFUE) is still gold-standard hair transplant technique today. It has proved its efficiency to provide consistently natural and great results.
  • +15 years of experience and 1000s of operations so far; Our team has tried and used all the hair transplantation techniques in the industry for years and adopted only the most effective and reliable ones.
  • Worldwide service; Maral Klinik has had 1000’s of patients from all over the world. To make your experience easier, we take care of everything ranging from the airport transfers to the accomodation.
  • Transparent pricing; We offer a package price and provide the maximum and an unlimited number of grafts transfer in each session of hair transplantation. Our price is competetive and affordable for anyone. There is no payment in advance and no hidden cost.
  • All inclusive packages; From the moment you arrive at the airport in Istanbul, until your departure, our clinic deals with every detail gladly, including transportation with a private car and a driver and accommodation at an excellent hotel in the heart of the city.
  • 3-days treatment schedule; We organize every detail for you so that you can leave only in 3 days with a successful hair transplant operation. Of course, spending more time for sightseeing in Istanbul and traveling in Turkey can always be a good idea too.
  • High patient satisfaction and referral rate; Our patients satisfaction rate is around 99%. Almost 70% of our patients have reached us by the referral of one of our previous patients. Hundreds of comments and reviews from our previous patients from all around the world, can be found in hair transplant forums.
  • Year-round follow-up; Dr. Maral and his assistants provide you follow-up care and guidance until you achieve the final result and afterwards.