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Our FUE Hair Transplant Team

Dr. Maral, Chief of Hair Transplant Team

  • Dr. Maral is a member of FUE Europe Society, The European Organization of Hair Restoration Professionals.


Dr. Maral’s primary duties and responsibilities: 

  • Online, preoperative and postoperative consultations with the patients.
  • Surgical planning of FUE hair transplants and designing the preliminary hairline.
  • Supervising and monitoring all FUE transplant operations.
  • Providing medical and surgical safety and support before, during and after the surgery.
  • Providing postoperative check-up, long-term care and follow-up.
  • Documantation and storage of medical records.
  • Primary responsibility on all kind of medico-legal issues for all operations.
  • Continuous education of the hair transplant team and himself.


Other team members

  • Other team members (operating nurses or technicians) have excelled in graft extractions and graft implantations.