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Grade 3, Grade 3 vertex, Grade 4 Hair Loss


  • Grade 3, Grade 3 vertex and Grade 4 are favorable forms of hair loss for hair transplantation, this is due to the fact that these are mild to moderate hair losses that affect the front part (and/or the vertex) while the donor areas remain normal.
  • The hair loss areas generally require about 3000 – 4000+ grafts for a Grade 3 and Grade 3 vertex; and about 3500 – 4500+ grafts for a Grade 4, depending on the hairline design and the size of the transplant area. We design the hairline before the surgery during our preoperative consultation according to the patient’s wishes and our professional judgment.
  • We routinely use the Sapphire-tip FUE technique to open the channels for the front hairline and for the vertex whirl to provide natural ones and also a denser implantation. Furthermore, we implant only single-hair FUs over the first 1-2 rows of the hairline to provide a smooth one.

An important note on a hair transplant over the vertex area:

  • The top-crown area is a very specific area for hair transplant operations. The skin in this area is thin, receives less blood supply plus the fact that the area is open to constant pressures and traumas. There is a whirl pattern there and therefore the hairs go in different directions. We mimick this pattern to obtain natural growth directions and a natural result. The growth of the transplanted hair there is slow. Correspondingly, certain skin show is natural and common; but great improvement to cover the baldness over that particular area is always possible.