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Before the FUE Hair Transplant

Online Consultation:

  • Regarding the online consultation along your pictures, please provide us your pictures. Good quality pictures showing all the parts of your head and at the same time with a decent hair length in order for us to evaluate the pattern of hair loss and the donor areas properly.
  • Your age and origin (the race affects the donor area’s hair characteristics).
  • Complete medical history and also if you are under medical treatment for any specific disease(s).
  • If you are taking any blood thinners – ie: aspirin or any other anticoagulant drugs.
  • Any hair transplant history if you had before.

Example pictures for online consultation.


Example pictures to show your hairline for receding hairline of Grade 1 or 2 hair loss.


Preoperative Consultation:

During the preoperative consultation with Dr. Maral and his lead technician Yesim Alkan, please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • The beginning and duration of your hair loss.
  • Any changes in your hair loss during the last few months or year(s).
  • Prior medical or surgical treatments for your hair loss plus any past history with artificial hair systems.
  • Any known problems or complications which have arisen due to your hair loss.
  • Complete medical history and information about known allergies (if there are). List of medications, vitamins or herbal products which you are currently taking (if there is any).
  • Your family history regarding hair loss, from both maternal and paternal lineage, if there are.
  • Requests and expectations regarding the intervention.


During the preoperative consultation, Dr. Maral and his lead technican will also determine:

  • The type and stage of your hair loss (partial thinning or baldness).
  • The thickness of your hair and its type (wavy, straight or curly).
  • The hair density over your donor area.

Furthermore, Dr. Maral and his lead technician will plan your hair transplant intervention after the consultation and discussion. Then, they will design your new hairline according to your wishes and their professional judgement.


The guidelines before FUE:

  • One week before the FUE, please do not take any blood thinner which might increase bleeding (such as aspirin and herbal medicines).
  • You can live your daily life normally as always until the day of the procedure.
  • On the evening prior to your intervention day, or in the morning of the latter, you can take a normal shower (using a shampoo and everything).
  • Before your operation, you can have a light breakfast or a light meal.
  • Please do not cut your hair short during the last few days just before your intervention. Come for the surgery with hair as long as possible in order for us to evaluate your hair loss and to plan the operation better. Our team will perform a haircut for you right before begining the procedure. Nothing else is necessary.
  • During the intervention, you will wear your own clothes. We recommend that you wear comfortable leisure clothes for your own comfort during the intervention. For example, fitness wear or a track suit.
  • Our drivers will provide transfers between the hotel and the clinic before and after the surgery.
  • FUE hair transplant is a very simple procedure performed through local anaesthesia, there is no need to conduct any special examinations or blood tests, therefore none will be done.