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Sapphire-tip Microincisions

  • Sapphire FUE is a relatively new and innovative technique for the opening of the channels during a FUE hair transplant. The Sapphire tip blades which are made from a precious gemstone called sapphire are sharper, smoother and much more durable than the typical steel blades.
  • During the process of making incisions in the recipient site, using the sapphire tip blades provides smaller and delicate incisions. Therefore, more channels can be opened, enabling us to transplant more grafts in a given 1 cm2 of the recipient area without jeopardizing the blood circulation in that particular area, so that a denser result can be obtained.


  • The blades are also designed to minimize the scabs formation and speed up the recovery process by opening smaller micro channels within the recipient site.


  • Sapphire-tip FUE helps to attain a good density of the hair, especially on the front part of the head and also to achieve a natural and smooth hairline as well.


  • The Sapphire-tip incisions is a good technique to provide the front hairline a maximally dense transplant.  We use the technique routinely for appropriate candidates with mild to moderate grades of hair losses. For advanced hair losses, because of the fact that the grafts should be distributed over larger areas, there is no advantage and no actual need to the Sapphire-tip incisions.